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    Journal Papers   

Journal Papers

“Quantum-enhanced diamond molecular tension microscopy for quantifying cellular forces”, Feng Xu, Shuxiang Zhang, Linjie Ma, Yong Hou, Jie Li, Joachim Spatz, Jörg Wrachtrup, Hai Lei, Yi Cao, Qiang Wei*, Zhiqin Chu*, Science Advances, 2024.


“Photonic control of ligand nanospacing in self-assembly regulates stem cell fate”, Sungkyu Lee,, Bioactive Materials, 2024.

“Widefield Diamond Quantum Sensing with Neuromorphic Vision Sensors”, Zhiyuan Du, Madhav Gupta, Feng Xu, Kai Zhang, Jiahua Zhang, Yan Zhou, Yiyao Liu, Zhenyu Wang, Jörg Wrachtrup, Ngai Wong, Can Li*, Zhiqin Chu*, Advanced Science, 2024.

“Cross‐Correlated Quantum Thermometry Using Diamond Containing Dual‐Defect Centers”, Madhav Gupta, Tongtong Zhang, Lambert Yeung, Jiahua Zhang, Yayin Tan, Yau Chuen Yiu, Shuxiang Zhang, Qi Wang, Zhongqiang Wang, Zhiqin Chu*, Advanced Sensor Research, 2024.


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“Identifying and Exploring Synthetic Antiferromagnetic Skyrmions”, Yuelei Zhao,, Advanced Functional Materials, 2023.


“Super-resolution multicolor fluorescence microscopy enabled by an apochromatic super-oscillatory lens with extended depth-of-focus”, Wenli Li,, Nature Communications, 2023.

“Super-resolution enabled widefield quantum diamond microscopy”, Feng Xu, Jialong Chen, Yong Hou, Juan Cheng, Tony KC Hui, Shih-Chi Chen*, Zhiqin Chu*, Acs Photonics, 2023.

“Reversible conversion between skyrmions and skyrmioniums”, Sheng Yang, Communications, 2023.

“Multimodal dynamic and unclonable anti-counterfeiting using robust diamond microparticles on heterogeneous substrate”, Tongtong Zhang, Lingzhi Wang, Jing Wang, Zhongqiang Wang, Madhav Gupta, Xuyun Guo, Ye Zhu, Yau Chuen Yiu, Tony KC Hui, Yan Zhou, Can Li, Dangyuan Lei, Kwai Hei Li, Xinqiang Wang, Qi Wang*, Lei Shao*, Zhiqin Chu*Nature Communications, 2023.

“Size-dependent response of cells in epithelial tissue modulated by contractile stress fibers”, Chao Fang, Journal, 2023.

“A Multilevel Optical Anticounterfeiting System Based on Color Space‐Correlated Raman Spectroscopy of Diamond”, Yau Chuen Yiu, Zhiqin Chu*Advanced Photonics Research, 2023.

“Miniature viscometer incorporating GaN optical devices with an ultrawide measurement range”, Yumeng Luo,, Light: Advanced Manufacturing, 2023.

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“Viscosity Sensors Based on III-Nitride Optical Devices Integrated With Droplet Sliding Channels”, Hongying Yang,, IEEE Electron Device Letters, 2022.

“An AIEgen/graphene oxide nanocomposite (AIEgen@ GO)‐based two‐stage “turn‐on” nucleic acid biosensor for rapid detection of SARS‐CoV‐2 viral sequence”, Qin Zhang,, 2023.

“Two-Photon Excitation of Silicon-Vacancy Centers in Nanodiamonds for All-Optical Thermometry with a Noise Floor of 6.6 mK·Hz–1/2”, Jiahua Zhang, Hongsen He, Tongtong Zhang, Lingzhi Wang, Madhav Gupta, Jixiang Jing, Zhongqiang Wang, Qi Wang, Kwai Hei Li, Kenneth Kin-Yip Wong*, Zhiqin Chu*The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2023.

“Static and Dynamic: Evolving Biomaterial Mechanical Properties to Control Cellular Mechanotransduction”, Wenyan Xie,, Advanced Science, 2023.

“Millisecond autofocusing microscopy using neuromorphic event sensing”, Zhou Ge, and Lasers in Engineering, 2023.


“All-Optical Modulation of Single Defects in Nanodiamonds: Revealing Rotational and Translational Motions in Cell Traction Force Fields”, Lingzhi Wang, Yong Hou, Tongtong Zhang, Xi Wei, Yan Zhou, Dangyuan Lei, Qiang Wei, Yuan Lin*, Zhiqin Chu*, Nano Letters, 2022.

“Event-based vision in magneto-optic Kerr effect microscopy”, Kai Zhang, Yuelei Zhao, Zhiqin Chu*, Yan Zhou*, AIP Advances, 2022.

“Emerging Diamond Quantum Sensing in Bio-Membranes”, Yayin Tan, Xinhao Hu, Yong Hou, Zhiqin Chu*, Membranes, 2022.

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“Super-resolution multicolor fluorescence microscopy enabled by an apochromatic super-oscillatory lens with extended depth-of-focus”, Wenli Li,, arXiv preprint arXiv:2206.02335, 2022.

“Ultrafast miniaturized GaN-based optoelectronic proximity sensor”, Xiaoshuai An, Hongying Yang, Yumeng Luo, Zhiqin Chu*, Kwai Hei Li*, Photonics Research, 2022.

“Controlling domain wall and field-free spin–orbit torque switching in synthetic antiferromagnets”, Yuelei Zhao,, Applied Physics Letters, 2022.

“A Metal-Ion-Incorporated Mussel-Inspired Poly(Vinyl Alcohol)-Based Polymer Coating Offers Improved Antibacterial Activity and Cellular Mechanoresponse Manipulation”, Lingyan Gao,, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2022.

“Soft overcomes the hard: Flexible materials adapt to cell adhesion to promote cell mechanotransduction”, Qian Sun, Yong Hou, Zhiqin Chu*, Qiang Wei*, Bioactive materials, 2022.

“An AIEgen/graphene oxide nanocomposite (AIEgen@ GO)‐based two‐stage “turn‐on” nucleic acid biosensor for rapid detection of SARS‐CoV‐2 viral sequence”, Qin Zhang,, Aggregate, 2022.

“A Versatile, Incubator‐Compatible, Monolithic GaN Photonic Chipscope for Label‐Free Monitoring of Live Cell Activities”, Yong Hou, Jixiang Jing, Yumeng Luo, Feng Xu, Wenyan Xie, Linjie Ma, Xingyu Xia, Qiang Wei, Yuan Lin*, Kwai Hei Li*, Zhiqin Chu*, Advanced Science, 2022.

“Chip-Scale In Situ Salinity Sensing Based on a Monolithic Optoelectronic Chip”, Jixiang Jing, Yong Hou, Yumeng Luo, Liang Chen, Linjie Ma, Yuan Lin, Kwai Hei Li*, Zhiqin Chu*, ACS sensors, 2022.

“Ligand Mobility-Mediated Cell Adhesion and Spreading”, Di Wu,, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2022.

“A Data‐Mining‐Assisted Design of Structural Colors on Diamond Metasurfaces”, Jixiang Jing, Yau Chuen Yiu, Cong Chen, Dangyuan Lei, Lei Shao, Qi Wang, Kwai Hei Li, Ngai Wong, Zhiqin Chu*, Advanced Photonics Research, 2022.

“Compact GaN-based optical inclinometer”, Xiaoshuai An, Hongying Yang, Yumeng Luo, Qi Wang, Zhiqin Chu*, Kwai Hei Li*, Optics Letters, 2022.

“Maturation of Neural Cells Leads to Enhanced Axon-Extracellular Matrix Adhesion and Altered Injury”, Xueying Shao, Maja Højvang Sørensen, Chao Fang, Raymond Chuen Chung Chang, Zhiqin Chu*, Yuan Lin*, Cell Mechanoresponse at Cell-Material Interface, 2022.


“High-quality diamond microparticles containing SiV centers grown by chemical vapor deposition with preselected seeds”, Tongtong Zhang#, Madhav Gupta#, Jixiang Jing, Zhongqiang Wang, Xuyun Guo, Ye Zhu, Yau Chuen Yiu, Tony KC Hui, Qi Wang*, Kwai Hei Li*, Zhiqin Chu*Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2022

“On-Demand, Direct Printing of Nanodiamonds at the Quantum Level”, Zhaoyi Xu, Lingzhi Wang, Xiao Huan, Heekwon Lee, Jihyuk Yang, Zhiwen Zhou, Mojun Chen, Shiqi Hu, Yu Liu, Shien‐Ping Feng, Tongtong Zhang, Feng Xu, Zhiqin Chu*, Ji Tae Kim*, Advanced Science, 2022.

“An optical humidity sensor: a compact photonic chip integrated with artificial opal”, Binlu Yu,, accepted, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2021.

“Robust Integration of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Nanodiamonds to Optical Fiber and its Application in All-Optical Thermometry”, Ce Bian, Minxuan Li, Wei Cao, Manli Hu, Zhiqin Chu*, Ruohui Wang*, Chinese Optics Letters, 2021, 19, 120601.

“Development of a Wide-field Quantum Diamond Microscope for Imaging Dynamics of Cell Adhesion”, Feng Xu, Yong Hou, Shuxiang Zhang, Zhiqin Chu*, Quantum Information and Measurement (conference), 2021.

“Cross-validated Optical Thermometry using Diamond containing Dual-defect Centers”, Madhav Gupta, Zhang Tongtong, Zhiqin Chu*, Quantum Information and Measurement (conference), 2021.

“A waveguide metasurface based quasi-far-field transverse-electric superlens”, Yechuan Zhu,, Opto-Electronic Advances, 2021.

“2-in-1 Dual-Fiber Probe Integrated With Nanodiamonds for Optical Thermometry Measurements”, Ce Bian, Wei Cao, Manli Hu, Zhiqin Chu*, Ruohui Wang*, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 2021.

“Scalable Fabrication of Clean Nanodiamonds via Salt-Assisted Air Oxidation: Implications for Sensing and Imaging”, Tongtong Zhang, Linjie Ma, Lingzhi Wang, Feng Xu, Qiang Wei, Weiping Wang, Yuan Lin, Zhiqin Chu*, ACS Applied Nano Materials, 2021.

“Towards Quantitative Bio-Sensing with Nitrogen-Vacancy Center in Diamond”, Tongtong Zhang#, Goutam Pramanik#, Kai Zhang, Michal Gulka, Lingzhi Wang, Jixiang Jing, Feng Xu, Zifu Li, Qiang Wei, Petr Cigler*, Zhiqin Chu*, ACS Sensors, 2021.

“A Compact Optical Pressure Sensor Based on a III-Nitride Photonic Chip with Nanosphere-Embedded PDMS”, Jixiang Jing, Xiaoshuai An, Yumeng Luo, Liang Chen, Zhiqin Chu*, and Kwai Hei Li*, ACS Appl. Electron. Mater., 2021.

“Biofilm inhibition in oral pathogens by nanodiamonds”, Tongtong Zhang#, Shanthini Kalimuthu#, Vidhyashree Rajasekar#, Feng Xu, Yau Chuen Yiu, Tony K.C. Hui, Prasanna Neelakantan*, Zhiqin Chu*, accepted, Biomaterials Science, 2021.

“Unveiling a hidden event in fluorescence correlative microscopy by atomic force microscopy nanomechanical analysis”, Massimiliano Galluzzi, Bokai Zhang, Han Zhang, Lingzhi Wang, Yuan Lin, Xue-Feng Yu, Zhiqin Chu*, Jiangyu Li*,  Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences, 2021.

“Ultracompact chip-scale refractometer based on an InGaN-based monolithic photonic chip”, Liang Chen,, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2020, 12, 49748-49754.

“Beading of injured axons driven by tension-and adhesion-regulated membrane shape instability”, Xueying Shao, Maja Højvang Sørensen, Xingyu Xia, Chao Fang, Tsz Hin Hui, Raymond Chuen Chung Chang, Zhiqin Chu* and Yuan Lin*, Journal of The Royal Society Interface, 2020, 17, 20200331.

“Maturation of neural cells leads to enhanced axon-extracellular matrix adhesion and altered injury response”, Xueying Shao, Maja Højvang Sørensen, Chao Fang, Raymond Chuen Chung Chang, Zhiqin Chu*, and Yuan Lin*, in press, Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 2020.

“Controllable Ligand Spacing Stimulates Cellular Mechanotransduction and Promotes Stem Cell Osteogenic Differentiation on Soft Hydrogels”, Man Zhang,, Biomaterials, 2020, 268, 120543.




“Surface Roughness and Substrate Stiffness Synergize To Drive Cellular Mechanoresponse”, Yong Hou, Leixiao Yu, Wenyan Xie, Luis Cuellar Camacho, Man Zhang, Zhiqin Chu, Qiang Wei, Rainer Haag, Nano Letters, 2019, 20, 748-757.


“Extrinsic Polarization-Enabled Covert Plasmonic Colors Using Aluminum Nanostructures”, Lin Cheng, Kun Wang, Jianyong Mao, Xiao Ming Goh, Zhiqin Chu, Yanpeng Zhang, and Lei Zhang*, Annalen Der Physik, 2019, 531, 1900073.


“Surface Immobilized E‐Cadherin Mimetic Peptide Regulates the Adhesion and Clustering of Epithelial Cells”, Jie Li, Jacopo Di Russo, Ximeng Hua, Zhiqin Chu, Joachim P. Spatz*, Qiang Wei*, Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2019, 8, 1801384.


“Development of indocyanine green loaded Au@Silica core shell nanoparticles for plasmonic enhanced light triggered therapy”, Bokai Zhang*, Liyu Wei, Zhiqin Chu*, Journal of Photochemistry Photobiology A: Chemistry, 2019, 375, 244-251


“Transformable nanotherapeutics enabled by ICG: Towards enhanced tumor penetration under NIR light irradiation”, Yuxiang Tang,  Yihui Li,  Si Li,  Hang Hu,  Yuxin Wu,  Chen Xiao,  Zhiqin Chu,  Zifu Li and  Xiangliang Yang, Nanoscale, 2019, 11, 6217-6227.

    PRIOR TO HKU    

“Self-assembly of folic acid dextran conjugates for cancer chemotherapy”, Yuxiang Tang,  Yihui Li,  Rong Xu,  Si Li,  Hang Hu,  Chen Xiao,  Honglian Wu,  Lin Zhu,  Jiaxiong Ming,  Zhiqin Chu,  Huibi Xu,  Xiangliang Yang  and  Zifu Li, Nanoscale, 2018, 10, 17265-17274.

“Optical Imaging of Localized Chemical Events using Programmable Diamond Quantum Nanosensors”, Torsten Rendler, Jitka Slegerova, Ondrej Zemek, Jan Kotek, Andrea Zappe, Zhiqin Chu*, Petr Cigler*, Jörg Wrachtrup, Nat. Commun., 2017, 8, 14701.


“Anchored but not Internalized: Shape Dependent Endocytosis of Nanodiamond”, Bokai Zhang, Xi Feng, Yanhuan Wang, Zhiqin Chu, Helena Raabova, Jan Vavra, Petr Cigler, Renbao Liu, Yi Wang*, Quan Li*, Scientific Reports, 2017, 7, 46462.

“Shape Dependent Cytotoxicity of PLGA Nanoparticles on Human Cells”, Bokai Zhang, Pingsai Lung, Saisai Zhao, Zhiqin Chu, Wojciech Chrzanowski, Quan Li*, Scientific Reports, 2017, 7, 7315.


“Multidrug Resistance in Cancer Circumvented Using a Cytosolic Drug Reservoir”, Li Fan, Silu Zhang, Chunyuan Zhang, Chun Yin, Zhiqin Chu, Chaojun Song, Ge Lin, Quan Li*, Advanced Science, 2017, 1700289.


“Thin Circular Diamond Membrane with Embedded Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers for Hybrid Spin-Mechanical Quantum Systems”, S. Ali Momenzadeh, Felipe Fávaro de Oliveira, Philipp Neumann, D. D. Bhaktavatsala Rao, Andrej Denisenko, Morteza Amjadi, Zhiqin Chu, et al., Phys. Rev. Applied, 2016, 6, 024026.


“Rapid Endosomal Escape of Prickly Nanodiamonds: Implications for Gene Delivery”, Zhiqin Chu, Kaikei Miu, Pingsai Lung, Silu Zhang, Saisai Zhao, Huan-Cheng Chang, Ge Lin and Quan Li*, Scientific Reports, 2015, 5, 11661.

“Unambiguous Observation of Shape Effects on Cellular Fate of Nanoparticles”, Zhiqin Chu, Silu Zhang, Bokai Zhang, Chunyuan Zhang, Chia-yi Fang, Ivan Rehor, Petr Cigler, Huan-Cheng Chang, Ge Lin, Renbao Liu and Quan Li*, Scientific Reports, 2014, 4, 4495.

“Designing Nanoparticle Carriers for Enhanced Drug Efficacy in Photodynamic Therapy”, Zhiqin Chu, Silu Zhang, Chun Yin, Ge Lin and Quan Li*, Biomaterials Science, 2014, 2, 827-832.


“Controllable Drug Release and Simultaneously Carrier Decomposition of SiO2-drug Composite Nanoparticles”, Silu Zhang, Zhiqin Chu, Chun Yin, Chunyuan Zhang, Ge Lin* and Quan Li*, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2013, 135, 5709-5716.


“Surface Plasmon Enhanced Drug Efficacy Using Core Shell Au@SiO2 Nanoparticle Carrier”, Zhiqin Chu, Chun Yin, Silu Zhang, Ge Lin* and Quan Li*, Nanoscale, 2013, 5, 3406-3411.


“Physiological Pathway of Human Cell Damage induced by Genotoxic Crystalline Silica Nanoparticles”, Zhiqin Chu, Yuanjie Huang, Lili Li, Qian Tao and Quan Li*, Biomaterials, 2012, 33,7540-7546.


“Cellular Uptake, Evolution, and Excretion of Silica Nanoparticles in Human Cells”, Zhiqin Chu, Yuanjie Huang, Qian Tao and Quan Li*, Nanoscale, 2011, 3, 3291-3299.


“Synthesis and Transport Properties of Si-doped In2O3(ZnO)3 Superlattice Nanobelts”, J. Y. Zhang, Y. Lang, Zhiqin Chu, X. Liu, L. L. Wu and X. T. Zhang, CrystEngComm, 2011, 13, 3569-3572.


“High-yield Synthesis of In2-xGaxO3(ZnO)3 Nanobelts with a Planar Super lattice Structure”, L.L. Wu, F.W. Liu, Zhiqin Chu, Y. Liang, H.Y. Xu, H.Q. Lu, X.T. Zhang, Q. Li and S. K. Hark, CrystEngComm, 2010, 12, 2047-2050.


Efficient purification method for nanodiamonds”, Zhiqin Chu, Tongtong Zhang, US Patent App. 18033080.

“Methods and apparatus for integrating diamond with LED towards on-chip quantum sensing”, Zhiqin Chu, Jixiang JING, Feng Xu, WO Patent WO2022183895A1

“PHOTONIC CHIP FOR MONITORING ACTIVITIES OF LIVING CELLS”, Zhiqin Chu, Yuan Lin, Jixiang Jing, Yong Hou, US Patent App. 17846056.

“Efficient purification method for nanodiamonds”, Zhiqin Chu, Tongtong Zhang, WO Patent WO2022095707A1

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