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The PBB Lab Facilities

If any of researchers who might be interested in our facilities for your own research, you are welcome to contact us for scheduling experiments. Our existing facilities mainly includes:

Major setup

  1. Home-built quantum diamond confocal microscopy

  2. Home-built quantum diamond wide-field microscopy

  3. Home-built quantum diamond AFM-combined microscopy

Major equipment (located in PBB lab@Chow Yei Ching Building)

  • cw Laser, MGL-F-532-1W, 532 nm, CNI

  • cw Laser, MGL-III-532-200mW, 532 nm, CNI (х2)

  • cw Laser, MRL-III-637-200mW, 637 nm, CNI 

  • cw Laser, MBL-FN-473-200mW, 473 nm, CNI 

  • Spectrum analyzer, ISA-730, RS PRO

  • EMCCD Camera, Evolve 512 Delta, Photometrics

  • EMCCD Camera, iXon 897, Andor

  • CMOS Camera, DCC1545M-GL, Thorlabs

  • Single photon counter module, SPCM-AQRH-16-FC, DigiKey (x2)

  • Single photon counter module, SPCM-AQRH-16, DigiKey

  • Time tagger, Time Tagger 20, Swabian Instruments

  • Pulse generator, Pulse Stream 8/2 Swabian Instruments

  • Pulse generator, Kasli FPGA carrier, M-labs

  • Objective, UPLSAPO60XO, 1.35 NA, Oil-immersion, Olympus

  • Objective, UAPON100XOTIRF, 1.49 NA, Oil, Olympus

  • Objective, UPLXAPO100XO, 1.45 NA, Oil, Olympus

  • Objective, MPLAPON60X, 0.90 NA, Air, Olympus

  • Piezo Stage, P-562.3CD, Physik Instrumente

  • Data acquisition card, PCI-6602, National Instruments

  • Digital Multimeter, FLUKE 115, Fluke 

  • Microscope Frame, AxioVert 135, Zeiss

  • Microscope Frame, Ti2-U, Nikon

  • Microwave source, SMBV100A, R&S

  • Microwave source, SMIQ-03B, R&S (x2, another one is located at MasterDynamics)

  • Microwave amplifier, ZHL-16W-43-S+, Mini-Circuits (x2)

  • Microwave switch, ZASWA-2-50DRA+, Mini-Circuits (x2)

  • Atomic force microscopy, NanoWizard 4 XP BioScience AFM, Bruker

  • Active anti-vibration stage, DIVA-T45, Daeil Systems

  • Optical power meter, PM100D, Thorlabs

  • Optical power head, S142C, Thorlabs

  • Optical power head, S120C, Thorlabs

  • High power AOM, 3250-220, Gooch & Housego

  • AOM, 3350-199, Gooch & Housego 

  • Digital mirror device, DLPLCR6500EVM, Texas Instruments

  • Spectrometer, ATP3034, Optosky

  • Laser cutting system (located in renting place)

  • High vacuum annealing furnace (located in lab@Yam Pak building)

  • …(will keep updated)

Shared central facilities 

    --Electron microscope unit (

    --Imaging and flow cytometry core (


Shared departmental facilities

    --clean room

    --material characterization 

    --GPU cluster

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